Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tulips galore!

A few days after being home I got the itch to go out and shoot. It worked out that we got home in time for the tulips! I was so excited to go to the farm displays. It was a great day. Here are a few shots.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, thats all folks!

We are back in the states now, and this is my final post of our adventure! I may post more images and stories as we're editing through stuff though.

Following are just a few thoughts and conclusions I have picked up along the way… I hope you have enjoyed my travel blog. Blaine and I will be traveling for weddings and such for most of the summer, so even though the trip is over I do plan on keeping up this blog.

Personally I have sooo much to be thankful for- health, family, a career I love... Being away sheds light on the important things, so thank you family and friends for praying for us, supporting us and loving us.

We have immense freedom in the USA to believe what we want, live however we want, and choose what jobs we have. I hope to be more generous with my time and money and invest in those around me. People are the most important part of this planet and a good portion of them are suffering deeper than we could possibly fathom from the comfort of our homes in America. Traveling changes the way you perceive everyday things. It showed me that there is endless beauty in the world and you really don’t have to go far to find it (though that adds to the fun a bit). In most situations abroad, whether it be a language barrier or a slight miscommunication, you find it can almost always be solved with a smile. If a smile doesn’t work, usually a dollar or two will. :) I admire those who are content and happy when they are in so much need. I hope that I will never fall back into the wasteful consumers life, remembering how truly blessed I am and basically lacking nothing.

I encourage everyone to get out in the world and explore if at all possible!
Change scenery and exit your comfort zone, you’d be surprised what happens. You never know, maybe you will jump out of a plane in New Zealand or eat some worms and bugs at a local carnival in Thailand. Of course you’ve gotta be cautious and do your research, but there is nothing worth stressing about so much that it will stop you from going. There are people in every corner of the world living and breathing in their environments, and they survive right? Great experiences are awaiting!

Life is too short to be consumed by worry. Get out of the rat race for a bit and TAKE A VACATION! If we did it, believe me, you can too.

If anyone has any questions about our travels, how we did certain things or whatever… please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for all of your comments; it was so nice to get feedback when we were so far from home.

The photos you have seen so far on this and Blaine’s blog are a miniscule amount of what we shot. We did bring our laptop computer along the whole 6 months, but when you're in all these different countries, you always want to be shooting and capturing rather than sitting in front of the computer editing and taking time away from shooting. So, the work represented here is all edited and done quickly as possible. We have many hundreds of hours to spend on the computer editing now and will be trying to get it all done during the next few months. I’ll update here when we have slideshows/prints/galleries ready for you too see! :)