Monday, December 21, 2009

Underwater fun

Muchos Zapatos!

Blaine and I got a second opportunity to give away shoes to some of the poorest children on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. For a short background... Our friends that we are staying with run a small non-profit called Zapatos Para Los Ninos that supplies some of the needs of a poor community called Guadalupana. This small "village" is basically a bunch of tar paper shacks with tarp roofs and no electricity or running water.
Blaine and I bought some shoes the last time we were down here for about $7 a pair. This time we brought them down from Oregon. We were buying furniture at a great place called City Liquidators in Portland and walked by a display that had tons of shoes for sale. These "Croc-offs" were only $3 a pair! Blaine talked to the owner of the store and he gave us another dollar off each pair, so we brought about 68 pairs of these things down to Mexico. It is so fun to see how excited the kids get. We totally loved it! The children are sooo beautiful I just love their little faces!

You can also see photos from our last visit here