Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sea Kayaking

Blaine and I got up super early to go sea kayaking in the sound at sunrise. When we got to the take off point they said that the conditions were getting worse but at the moment the wind wasn’t the worst its ever been so we went for it. Well I wish I had this whole experience on video because it was absolutely classic and hilarious! Blaine was in the back “steering” or pretending to and I was in the front. We had those covers that seal you into the kayak if you tip and rain coats. Blaine of course was sweating and he wasn’t very careful getting sealing it up so sand flies were biting his feet and legs. The water was calm and we were enjoying the bay. Blaine unsealed himself to “air out” and he handed me the camera. A few minutes later we were approaching the opening of the cape and the water got really rough with 90 klm winds! So water was coming in the kayak and Blaine can’t seal it up, he’s not steering so our nose went from into the wind to totally sideways and tipping over, I am trying not to get the camera wet while trying not to drop my paddle and get the camera back into the dry bag, all while not running aground at 20klm an hour and NOT capsizing. Our guide was telling us to get the nose back in the wind but it was IMPOSSIBLE. We did this for about 30 minutes. The fight against the waves and wind was fierce, so much so that our guide called it off. At this point I had dropped the lens hood in the water (Blaine saw it sinking as we passed it and picked it up thankfully. Our kayak was filling with water and we still had to paddle all the way back. My arms were soooo tired. I don’t think I could have taken another 4 hours of that anyway. Blaine and I were pleased at the news because we got some pics and got our money back. It sure was funny after the experience and we shared a good laugh with the guide.

I took this photo of Blaine after returning to the shelter of the bay. As you can see He was not to happy... at the time.

The next pictures make it look clam, but thats because I was shooting before we rounded the corner :)

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