Saturday, January 19, 2008


So Vietnam also came and went :) We had a blast with Lindsey (best sister-in-law ever) who came to visit us. The overall highlights were Halong Bay cruise, 20 cent beers, amazing food (pho in particular) and sampling goat wine (yes, a dead goat in a jar of liquid)! The people were great when we got out into the villages (by moped, crazy stuff!). Blaine already expounded on my monkey encounter (which I am glad is over!) Apparently your not supposed to look them in the eyes, I think that was my my mistake, which I will not be making again :) and have thus far been successful in Cambodia. Here are a few photos. For a more detailed description of our adventures in Vietnam visit Lindsey's blog. She goes into greater detail of past events than I've had time to.

This was a kiln for pottery in the village we visited.

Our Halong Bay boat group on a hike to an old water tower (great view) and a floating fishery

Preparation for the Chinese New Year

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Beth and Blaine:
Please stop posting the cool photos and call us, so that we can figure out how to link up. Love, Michigan Dad