Monday, March 24, 2008

Bhutan (Kingdom of Happiness)

In the alpine foothills of the Himalayas lies this magical kingdom. Compared to other poor Asian nations, the Bhutanese have an overall high standard of living with no begging or homelessness whatsoever. It is the cleanest country we have visited in Asia so far. People are happy and content with what they have, and statistics show that they are they are actually the “happiest country in the world”. Entering Bhutan overland was literally a breath of fresh air. As we drove over the mountain passes we looked behind us and watched the populated chaos of India fade away. Coming to Bhutan was the big spurge of the trip. You can only enter Bhutan on a tour or by being personally invited. The tour is very expensive, and I see why… the cutely decorated wooden cabin we stayed in was the best accommodation (we have paid for) on the trip so far. It couldn’t have been more perfect, having 5 days of rest after India to decompress. We both felt very at home in the pine trees and the hills. We went for a hike and saw it snow too! Very refreshing.


The little girl had a big mouthful of watermelon... priceless expression. :)



amancay said...

I love your people pictures.. absolutely breath-taking bethany!

Lindsey Franger said...

holy cow. I'm getting really antsy sitting here in my room. gotta gooooooo!

peter said...

I love the portraits too! miss you guys!

AmyJune said...

Agreed...cutest baby ever!

Tim Halberg said...

wow... that's an amazing trip on it's own! I've never heard of these people, pretty cool!