Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blaine and I have traveled down south to Phuket for a few days. Tomorrow we go to Khao Sok national park for some trekking and jungle exploration, but before that I will catch you up on the past few days. I am usually not a big fan of huge cities, but its always fun if there is a festival going on. We just happened to be in town for the annual macha bucha holiday, which is a commemoration of when Buddha preached to thousands of people that just appeared without summoning. At sunset the people went to the temples, lit candles, incense and walked with flowers around the outside of the various watts. It made for some interesting pics

I have loads more photos of the red light district, but most are not appropriate for all audiences so here is just a backed out shot of the street. It is amazing what people will do in plain view.

The Floating Market is a top thing to see in Bangkok, though it is a 2 hour bus ride outside the city.

After heading south, it is amazing how much things change with a little sun and sand. The moment we got off the bus, we rented a scooter and started exploring. The local Thai people would drive up next to us and say "where u go now?" just making sure we knew our way... which of course we did not :)


Anonymous said...

Beth and Blaine: It's pretty cool that you got to the floating market. I had only one afternoon free in in Bangkok and chose the palace instead because it was closer. I can't imagine renting a scooter and expecting to find my way back. Love, Michigan Dad

Ron Cox said...

Britt and I love looking at your guys blogs, so much fun! Also we'd love to pick your brains about wedding photography when you get home, we've been asked to shoot a wedding this summer and need some guidance, haha!