Friday, February 6, 2009

on the road again...

It has been a good solid 6 months getting settled, and becoming used to a normal life again. Honestly, I was a little nervous packing up to get going again. I always felt like I was forgetting something though I know its just because on this trip we are back to the less is more philosophy :) But once in the car, my mind just switched back to travel mode, as simply as that. No more worry's. Traveling is like breathing. Its just something we do, it is in us, and we love it. Even just being in the international section of the airport makes me happy, listening to all the different languages spoken around me, and just smiling back at the sometimes awkward stares of the foreign on looker. I have already noticed how up tight I have become with the lack of scenery change. But Blaine of course cured me of that right away in his laid back nature, always waiting until the last minute having to run to gate, at our personal invitation to board the plane before they close the doors, in our usual fashion. Such is life :)

Gotta love the random airplane food selections :)

We have arrived in Bangkok safe and sound and already had the opportunity to help a few girls get from the airport to the city and get them a hotel. I remember what it was like, not so long ago to be totally clueless in a new place and feel so grateful when someone more experienced let us tag along. After a good nights sleep, we both felt refreshed. I couldn't stay in bed one more minute. We went up to the roof and just took in a bit of sun unrestrained by american guard rails and security personnel and relaxed sipping a cup of joe. The smells of fresh flowers and coconut soup wafted up the sides of the buildings, it was so familiar and calming and brought so much joy I could barely stand it! Well thats it for now... let the adventure begin!

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Anonymous said...

Beth and Blaine:
Great to see you guys safe and really happy to be back in Thailand. Say hey to the King for me! Love, Michigan Dad