Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chasing light

My favorite shooting conditions are when there is a storm in the distance and evening light in the foreground. We got lucky enough to see a bit of a thunderstorm and a rainbow in this arid desert. The rainbow stuck around for about 150 kilometers of driving, which was quite nice. Blaine saw this really cool tree and we stopped the car just in time to capture the light hitting it just right. Of course we both tend to compete a little (me more than Blaine) for the best angle if we see the same composition and we just happen to have the same lens on our camera, but in this case we got very different cool images due to the scramble of exiting the car and grabbing something to shoot with. We were both pleased with our efforts. It’s always nice when we see things so differently and can then get twice as much cool stuff for our business. Blaine will hopefully have some time to post his photos as well. He has to drive most of the time because I am still a bit rough on the stick shift :)

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