Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Night photography

Well as you all know Blaine is the night photographer, not me. I don’t even really like shooting at night (for obvious sleeping reasons) and well, let’s face it Blaine is nocturnal and I prefer to hibernate. I haven’t gone out shooting with him at night since we were dating (due to a lack in late night energy to humor him and no ulterior motive to impress, being married and all) lol. Anyway, Blaine was soooooo excited about this lighthouse and he had to “get THE SHOT” as he says. Of course this was a night shot, and I really wanted him to get it and to have a good time. It is not very often he gets this stoked on a location. So my choice was to sleep in the back of the car, sit in the car in the dark or go and shoot too. I got my things together and went out. I didn’t expect to have that much fun because Blaine was “in the zone” and we only have one tripod. So I got to know some rocks and fence posts very well and actually had a really good time! To my own surprise, I even tried to paint with light, yes, I said it paint with light. I could hear Blaine laughing from the top of the hill. The funny thing is that I actually didn’t do too bad and the second night I got some really good shots! My light painting shots are not so good, but they were fun to take nonetheless.

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