Sunday, November 11, 2007


We are in Australia now driving around in a “Chubby” AKA sweet camper van with a huge luchador sticker on the side. Since Australia is wayyy larger than the US, I decided that we would see more for our money by driving. We love to take the scenic route so the 5000 miles I planned for is something we look forward to, plus, we have driven just as far in a not-so-sweet-van without all the amenities.

Our Chubby has a double bed, stove, sink, and came with dishes, pots, chairs, sleeping bags, sheets and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The best part.... it was all brand spanken new!! (score one for the germaphobes :) When we picked the van up it had 60 kilometers on it. Also, when we paid the rental place, we realized that since we had reserved this thing, the price doubled! We only paid $38 a day, now this same used vehicle is $75 a day!

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