Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fraser Island

Sorry for the delay, Blaine and I spent a few days out on Fraser Island camping and off roading. Fraser Island was one of the main highlights to see in Australia, with its 75 miles of beach driving, camping, off roading to the max and of course wild life, a beached ship wreck and all the sun and sand we could take. This is the largest sand island in the world. It did live up to our expectations, it was sooo beautiful and relaxing. I enjoyed the off roading part a lot more then I thought I would. There actually are no roads on the Island except in one little resort on the back side of it. All the trails are sandy and some are more deep than others. Blaine knows how to drive in that stuff so it wasn’t bad, a bit bumpy, but super fun! There are only two downers, you cannot swim in the ocean because of sharks and jellyfish, and can I say holy horse flies! Those suckers were after me and they were big and bit too.

Anyway, so we dumped the chubby (our van) and got ourselves an expensive piece of junk. Gutless, shockless, and over 173,000 miles! Our Suzuki Jimny was a rough ride but totally worth it. I thought that the transmission was going fall out at some point for sure. Blaine ran that thing into the ground, literally.

These flies are NOT the big ones that bite, but you get the idea.

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