Thursday, November 15, 2007


Fun little story… We had just eaten dinner, at our beach campsite and Blaine started taking some night pictures. It was totally dark by this point and I was starting to clean up. I had a question about where something went, when into my headlamp view and the corner of my eye something moved into a hole. Ok, a little background, since my husband is into everything dangerous, I have to know whether or not it can kill him so I know a lot about what to expect from Austrailan wild life. Anyway, I know that funnel web spiders (VERY poisonous) are known to live in holes and are quite large so of course I jump to the worst possible conclusion being that we practally standing in a minefield of funnel web spiders.
I go up to have a closer view and to my horror I see really big legs clenching the side of the hole. I ran and locked myself in the tent and Blaine goes to investigate, and lots of the holes have these legs hanging out. After another 20 minites or so (Blaine cleaning up the camsite so we don’t get dingos digging through our leftovers, and me talking to him through the tent) Blaine came to the conclusion that they were just really big (the biggest he had ever seen) sand spiders. But later in the night he did more investigating and realized that they were actually adorable sand crabs with spider looking legs. I slept better knowing that!
I did get my very large spider experience later though when I was washing some dishes in the sink at a campground and one big guy climed out of the sink and scared the crap out of me. Blaine wasn’t around and some guys saw me freak out and came over to see what the commotion was all about. They told me those ones get to be 3 times that size and flicked it out of the sink onto the grass. I do not want to see that thing full grown. This thing was like, "live at the zoo" big.
That’s the funny thing about Austraila. The further north you get toward the equator, the larger and more crazy the wildlife gets. Tomorrow… the Whitsundays!

You can see all the holes in the sand, now you can see why I was a bit panicked.

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