Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 3 (bites and stings)

If any of you knows anything about Blaine you won’t be surprised by the following. It was pouring down rain and he had the map this morning so I didn’t know where we were going. He decided to drive us into another national park in the mountains. This drive was very pretty, but then the road turned to dirt, really winding, uphill. There were so many times I thought we were either going to get stuck or roll back down the hill.

Anyway when we got up to the top there was a super cool waterfall. We had to stay in the car until the rain died down a bit. After I took a few shots I got in the car and started photoshopping my pictures while Blaine went for a hike to the bottom of the waterfall. When he came back he was all bent out of shape saying that he got stung by something in his coat. So sure enough he had been stung by something and I had to pull out what was left of the stinger. After that, he found a leech attached to his back (underneath his clothes) and he flicked it off onto what he thought was the ground. Well, he later realized that the leech didn't make it onto the ground, but rather on his foot, and it had attached itself to his toe. Man did that thing bleed when he pulled it off!


Anonymous said...

Dear Beth and Blaine: Well, it looks like Blaine got to the "everything poisonous and exciting" part pretty fast. Great site! I noticed that you won't lose that van in any parking lot either, given those wild graphics. Love, Michigan Dad

SuperTramp said...

Let the adventures begin, eh? Sounds amazing already after three days. I am excited to share the experiences through your blog.

Love you both. I really wanted to talk to you guys before you left. Feel free to call and share adventures anytime.


Sarah McAllister said...

dudes.....I'm so jealous already.. wow!!! The pics look super good, but I'm not so jealous of the leach......EEEEWWWW!!!!!

June said...

Excuse me while I go throw up.

David said...

Aaaaaah Come on, gross!!! I hate leeches!!!