Friday, November 23, 2007

Tropical Queensland

We have spent the last few days in Cairns (they say it “Cans”) enjoying the local Aussie company, just hanging out in the city and the surrounding rainforest. This rainforest in particular is the oldest known tropical forest in the world. It really looks like a scene out of the Jungle Book. The bugs here are crazy! I found this spider that had tarantula front legs and then was bright green and jumped from tree to tree (I tried to get a photo but he was too fast) Then, I found this little ball of fuzz that was moving. It was so funny watching this thing! It looked like some tiny afro in a claymation movie. Blaine picked it up and an itty-bitty termite thing was under it. (I will post a video when we get a real better internet connection). Later, Blaine found some mushrooms that glowed in the dark! God makes some crazy creative creatures!

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Anonymous said...

I have heard of glow in the dark mushrooms. We have a variety of them around here. The ones around here and called jack-o-lanterns. They are commonly mistaken for the tasty chanterelle and they can make you pretty sick. I am glad to hear stories. Hope all is well.