Friday, November 23, 2007

Jungle noises?

It was nearly dark, Blaine and I were taking some pictures of this waterfall, when all of sudden the jungle bugs essentially woke up for the night and started talking all at once. It was soooo loud I had to cover my ears. We big time panicked and were frantically looking around for a million “bats out of hell” so to speak. I wanted to run for cover but didn’t know what direction to run! My ears kept ringing for quite some time after we had left. I have NEVER heard anything like it, I mean… it was like “end of the world” loud!

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Malcolm said...

Someone just sent me a link to your blog. Excellent photos. I live here and haven't seen as much as you!

It seems you have tried to live with the Cicadas. They make a most amazing and highly annoying noise. I once camped for three days in the same sort of place... Why? Because it feels good when you stop!